Tuition Information

All tuition is due monthly by the first class of the month. Statements will be sent through your parent portal by request or if an account becomes overdue. There will be a late charge of $20.00 per month for accounts not paid by the 15th of each month. If an outstanding balance is accumulated, a written agreement must be signed for a payment plan, including a 10% interest charge. If you have difficulty making a payment and cannot meet these conditions, contact the Business Managers, Cheryl Rogers or Stephanie Barry, for a special circumstance arrangement. We will make every effort to work out an acceptable payment plan with you, but we expect you to take the initiative.

Tuition may be paid by check, cash, credit card, or ACH. To ensure proper credit, always write the full name of the student on your check. Keep canceled checks as your receipt. If you pay by cash, you will receive a receipt from the office. Please bring the exact amount (we do not keep cash for change on the premises) to the studio during office hours (Monday – Thursday 4:30-8:30 and Saturday 8:30-12:30). There is no one in the office on Friday. We accept all major credit cards via the square reader at the studio office. Studio payments may also be made reoccurring and automatically through your parent portal.

Tuition Rates


Tuition is calculated per individual student. If you have more than one dancer enrolling in classes, please use the table below to determine the tuition for each child separately. Families with two or more children taking a combined total of 5-7 hours weekly will receive a 10% monthly discount. Families with students taking more than 7 hours weekly combined will receive a 15% discount monthly.

Tuition is charged on a monthly basis regardless of the number of classes in a given month. Our schedule is arranged so each student attends 8 months total. No refunds will be given for missed classes although classes can be made up. A full month’s tuition is paid in September, which will also cover December. No additional tuition will be charged in December. Tuition payments can either be placed in the “tuition mail-slot” (by the school office) or mailed. Do not give payments to the instructor. Cash payments must receive a receipt from the office. All returned checks, ACH payments that do not go through, or insufficient fund returns will be assessed a $25.00 service charge.

Tuition rates for 2023-24

Number of hours
in class each week
(for one student)
Monthly Tuition RateSemester Tuition Rate
30 minutes$32.00$128.00
45 minutes$38.00$152.00
1 hour$45.00$180.00
1 hour, 15 minutes$52.00$208.00
1 hour, 30 minutes$58.00$232.00
1 hour, 45 minutes$64.00$256.00
2 hours$70.00$280.00
2.5 hours$80.00$320.00
3 hours$90.00$360.00
3.5 hours$100.00$400.00
4 hours$110.00$440.00
4.5 hours$120.00$480.00
5 hours$130.00$520.00
5.5 hours$140.00$560.00
6 hours$150.00$600.00


Ballet Midwest, Inc. is able to offer a limited number of partial-tuition scholarships to talented and deserving ballet students. Applications must be obtained and filled out at August Enrollment Night. Scholarships are awarded primarily for need to promising students and are given for October through May tuition payments. A boys scholarship ballet class is also available to boys 7 years & older. Two additional levels of ballet classes are available to men who also attend pas de deux classes.

Advanced Intermediate and Advanced students may receive an hourly tuition credit when assisting teachers in the classroom.  Students wishing to assist should send a letter stating their desire to Lacee Sandgren.